Part and full rewires

These can be big jobs for both for us, and you the customer. Even a partial rewire can require some quite invasive surgary to the fabric of your building. From hard earned experience, we strongly recommend you consider rewiring your property before any major decorating, refurbishment or redevelopment of your property. 1980’s wiring is often electrically safe but appallingly installed and missing many of today’s safety improvements, 60s and 70s wiring maybe starting to degrade and will often be missing critical earthing, 50s rubber wiring will certainly be in need of urgent review. If your wiring’s older even than that (and it is out there) you really should be seeking a good electrician right now. Regardless of whether you need the whole works, or just a few circuits replacing, whether it's an occupied rewire, or a refurbishment from an empty shell, we guarantee the highest standard of work from start to finish, and at a price that won't break the bank (we've rewired 2 story detached properties for less than the price some local competitors are advertising to rewire 2 bed flats).
If you want quality and value, contact us for more advice.